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September Newsletter 2014

The beginning

We would like to welcome each and everyone to the official start of the nursery school term. We have now settled each room and finally decided on the children’s key workers. We will display each group on the wall outside.
As a team and moving forward with both the Pre-Birth to Three and the Curriculum for Excellence we have altered for the better ways in which we record the activities for each child. The weekly diary is showing areas of the room and who will be doing what so we ensure each child is offered a range of experiences.

Our first topic is Scotland and our children’s place within.

We are reading in each room ‘Katie in Scotland’
There is a big drive from the government to focus on the rights of our children and what we as a society can do to ensure the very best start for Glasgow’s children.
We in turn will focus on many of the Montessori materials and introduce Grace and Courtesy. We would ask that you at home prepare by sending in easy trousers and shoes so we can dress ourselves easily. We will focus on changing shoes left and right. We will place emphasis on ‘excuse me’ and ‘waiting our turn’.

Citizens of Glasgow

We have already visited the Butterfly Garden to see the weeding that needs to take place and will work closely with the Park Ranger ‘Cathy’. Each room is out and about in the park and we are arranging visits to museums.
We have started exercises together to help with being in a group which is very successful.
Fiona Dewar continues with her Yoga for mind and body relaxation.
Kumiko Hatori will begin music and Japanese from the 1st of September.
Karen is our student for the year and has begun the HNC at Anniesland. She has a lot of experience and will join us on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We would like just to remind you to label everything including water bottles for your child. Make sure there are plenty of changes that include pants, socks and easy trousers. Label your beautiful red sweatshirts and red bags.

It’s time for Elizabeth to have a holiday so she will be off for the week of the 1st. Muir will take on administration and please let a member of staff know if you need anything to support your child.

Changes to our web page

Over the coming weeks we are embarking on a more interactive design to include as much information sharing as possible. Carmen a former parent is putting many exciting pages to tell what’s going on. We will keep you updated.


We are due an Inspection from next week onwards. We are very grateful for those parents helping us to answer the questions and those parents who returned the confidential forms to the above.

Dates for coming month involving everyone

25th of September from 9.00am -Thursday
Our first Macmillan Coffee Morning. We would like to celebrate the memory of Claire Watson whose children attended our nursery over the years.
28th of October Tuesday from 6.00 – 7.30pm our Welcome Evening

To the best year ever

Thank you – Denise and All XXXX