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December Newsletter 2014

To all our wonderful families

We hope you are all getting to grips with the new web pages on our site. Some of you have asked for the reinstatement of the old weekly diary and we agreed so then you will see each day the activities to complement.

Many of you have asked about the shoe box appeal and we have spoken to our current charity WithKids introduced by Ruby’s mum Lindsey. They are suggesting ‘Buy a toy’ or purchase a ‘non perishable food item’ for their hamper. It’s all on our web page and we will start collecting from Monday. The last collection date is the 12th of December.

In the Rainbows all the children have been given their parts for our merry show and we have posted on the door the days and family members attending.
Reports will also be issued at the end of term we will aim to have a personal meeting with you through February and March.
We have a Montessori student in attendance Zarine who is completing her teaching practise over the next few months.

In the Raindrops the children will present a Christmas tale and their dates you already know and many of you have signed up on the door.
Reports will issued at the end of term and will make a point of meeting you individually from March.

Our SWCWIS Inspection brought to our attention our handling and storage of medication. Elizabeth and I are working on a new policy and guidelines for us all. Otherwise it was very good.
Just a bit of house keeping – we have so many abandoned clothes and bits of lunch boxes keep labelling them. Our space is very snug and we can’t keep them. Could we change to welly wearing? The park is muddy and we need good water proof clothes.
Finally could you please sign in out and put the time especially you Raindrop parents just for fire safety and it lets us in a super safety note if it isn’t you then we are getting to know additional members of the family!