West End Montessori Pre-School

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May / June Newsletter

May 13th, 2014 by Denise Guthrie

Staff changes

Maria Helene has decided she must go back to university. She will continue her Primary teaching studies at Glasgow University. We will say good bye on the 20th August.



A Big thank you to everyone as we raised £300.00 for the MICRO-TYCO with our around the world night and recipe book.

Raindrop Parents Meetings

Have you made an appointment to see the ladies? Please sign up.

On Wednesday 28th May at 10.30am – Tony has kindly allowed our Raindrops to visit DiMaggio’s on a mission to create Pizzas. As our theme is about enterprise and community links we ask that each child brings£1.00 which we will donate to charity.

We think it’s Summer!!

Red Bags need named clothes – Our children are growing please check the red bags, lots of pants, shorts and tee shirts. Remember to include rain jackets. Crocs are very good too.

Lunch Boxes – We need you to place an ICE PACK in your children’s lunch box. Label all the boxes.

Suncream – Please name and send in your child’s suncream.

Special Dates for your Diary

Monday 26th May Holiday Monday – return back on Tuesday 27th May.

Wednesday 28th May at 10.30am – Raindrops to visit DiMaggio’s. Only for children who are in on the day.

Wednesday 25th June at 3.00pm and Friday 27th June at 3.00pm – Rainbows Graduation show.

Friday 27th June at 11am – Raindrop’s Show.

Thank you – Denise and All XXXX


Our February Newsletter

February 6th, 2014 by Denise Guthrie

Oh we haven’t had one of these for a month!

Well we are all settled with the changes in staff and we really believe that everything is ticking along nicely.

Our current plan comes under the heading Dinosaurs. The rooms are planning together and the inspiration from our children is amazing. We are so happy to have Oscar’s huge Tyrannosaurus and all the junk from your houses. We are creating, sorting and visiting the recycling banks nearly every day!!

We will also be on our second visit to the Kelvingrove Museum with the RSPB – looking at our local area on Wednesday the 12th at 10.15am. Just for children attending on that day.

So we wanted to organise all the new dates for you to put in your diaries:

Wednesday the 26th of February all day is Photograph Day with Caroline. You are very welcome to get a family portrait, groups of friends etc, etc.

On March the 20th , suggested by Kirsty Cameron’s Mum, we will have a puppet show here for all of our children. If it’s not your day just bring a parent. We hope for the morning slot and it will be titled ‘Can’t you sleep little Bear’ arranged by Pavla’s Puppets via Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre. This will be finalised next week.

Next on our list from our Parent Consultation Evening is the ‘Around the World Night’ where we will have lovely nibbles and wine and of course buy the ‘Recipe Book’.

It would be pucker if every family donated a special recipe, sweet or savoury, so we can put them all together into one big book (Suggestions for a name most welcome)

All recipes can be emailed to Elizabeth by Friday 28th of February, include a colour photo if you so desire and we’ll get creating.

So the evening will be Tuesday the 25th of March from 6.30pm to 7.30pm – all members of the family welcome. The book will have a minimum donation of £5.00. The money raised will be given to MICRO-TYCO http://www.wildheartsinaction.org/microtyco/

As many of you will know this is Ilyas’s Daddy – Michael Jackson.

We would also like to invite all of our children to go on a Dinosaur Hunt with ‘Harry and his friends’ to find the source of the chocolate eggs created billons of years ago!!

If it’s not your day just come with your parent.

Departs 11.00am sharp on Wednesday the 2nd of April.

Could we suggest a donation of a £1.00? Why not dress as an explorer or a dinosaur?

The Easter break begins on Tuesday the 7th and we open again on Monday 22nd of April.

As we work alongside Glasgow City Council we have all been attending further training on delivering the Curriculum For Excellence. One area of particular focus is ‘Evaluating our Wellbeing’ not only for the children but all of us. This is another tool to help us assess and evaluate what we do here in preparation for child attending school. We will be asking for your input and look out for the key words in our displays.

Could we please have some more parents to observe us at work and share your skills?

Many of you are asking about the Graduation ceremony for the Rainbows and these dates are on 25th of June at 3.00pm and the 27th June at 3.00pm.

To help with the transitions:

The Raindrop ladies would like to invite all their parents to progress meetings during the month of May and this will be on the door for you to sign up to.

The Rainbows would like all the children to tell us what primary schools they are off to so we can get visiting?

We have noticed that the red bags especially for tall children are running low. We don’t always have long trousers and leggings, so do check regularly as we are all growing fast.

Finally diseases:

Please don’t be alarmed but as young children mingle they get things. Over this past week we have reported cases Chickenpox, coughs and cold. If you are contagious so please stay away.

We will continue to update you weekly via email. We love you all xx us


Our October Newsletter 2013

November 14th, 2013 by Denise Guthrie

A very hearty thanks to all of you who were able to attend last weeks parents night. It took a different format with displays of all the events and current work being undertaken.

We set out our lending library for both rooms with an explanation on how to choose and rate the material chosen. Please feel free to try. There is a named bag for each child placed outside each room.

We displayed our typical snacks with further suggestions and thoughts for you to add – again we have taken additions on board.

Our oral health lady Kirsty analysed our lunch boxes and placed sugar cubes beside our most tasty things. Its official we can eat nothing!

The Big Books displayed the past plan with input from all sources. Having the time to read and view the activities enabled valuable comments to be added from parents and this will strengthen our home to centre links.

We were also able to ask parents to sign up for observations and activities to support cultural and skill sharing. Each room has a diary so please spare a little time to impart your knowledge.

We talked about the idea of a committee and the way we can develop more parent input. As you all know, Jenny will leave us in December along with Leanne as they go on maternity leave. Right now we are actively recruiting staff and we hope to bring on board a new member by November. Sobiya has been working closely with Jenny and is practising the materials. We feel it is the right time to promote her to the key worker role as she is a hard working role model. This we hope you will fully support.

We would welcome a parent to observe a potential new staff member when we feel nearer the decision.

If you look outside the classroom you can see the children’s group. If your child belongs to either Jenny or Leanne they would like to see you at your convenience this month for a formal chat.

This brings us nicely onto the preparation for Primary School.

Looking in the Herald, the private schools are advertising their Open Days and we have received a note from the council that children starting in August 2014 will now register at their local school from the 11th to the 15thNovember 2013.

Leanne, Debbie and I have visited Hillhead, Hyndland and will return to Glasgow Academy. We would also like to visit Notre Dame, Scotstoun and any others you are considering.

Inside the Raindrops.

These last weeks have been very inspirational, Melinda, Marie-Helene and Laura have had a much calmer start to their year and to help children settle they have altered settling patterns and the Raindrops are doing well. We felt that we could move a few older children through to the Rainbows and this is too is working well.

Both Melinda and Marie-Helene have commenced studying with Experiental Play SVQ 4 and 3.

In the Rainbows.

The group has begun to settle and friendships and routine are becoming established.

We are working closely in both rooms to share the planning and next steps for all the children so everyone knows every child well.

Our new topic will focus on Time and Autumn. There is an abundance of materials to support the children and we will keep you informed and take your inspiration via emails.

We have just been visited by 16 ladies from Northern Ireland to watch our ‘Best Practice’ as a Montessori nursery. They all work and run playgroups and came to visit a range of nurseries here.

4 students from Glasgow School of Art will visit to see how children play and learn.

Smile too – Kirsty will observe the staff at tooth brushing routines.

Hugo’s Dad Alan is a big hit with our music and we are very grateful for his time and style.

Fiona continues to help us all become bendy and fit with Yoga.

We are working closely with our early year’s team at Glasgow City Council and they will be here on Thursday to advise us on ‘moderation’ and planning.

Elizabeth continues to be a committee member on our local forum which keeps us up to date with courses and early year’s information.

So what we decided and discussed on the night goes as follows:

  • A Halloween Party for children attending on Friday 31st of October both in the morning and afternoon. Fancy dress is welcome but no masks or weapons – s’il vous plait!
  • We will support the Shoebox Appeal – Elizabeth has an example for you to see. The deadline for your box 1st November.
  • To bring us towards December we have booked Platypuss in Boots at the Royal Conservatoire on Wednesday 27th November at 10.00am. Many parents signed up on the night. If your child attends on the day and you want to come let me know. We are going to ask you for a donation of £2.00 for the taxis.
  • In March we will meet again for a themed ‘Around the World Night’ a chance to focus on a cookery book creation perhaps, so let’s get out the family favourites, the special secrets to a successful baked Alaska hmmm!
  • The proceeds we would like to donate to Michael Jackson, Ilyas’s father and his charity Micro-Tyco.
  • Finally voted by yourselves we looked at a woodland charity and in our last term – May time, we will support the North Kelvin meadows used and played in by many families.

Finally diseases and pests!

Please don’t be alarmed but as young children mingle they get things. Over this past week we have reported cases of Hand Foot and Mouth – which is basically a virus, blisters inside the mouth, hands, feet and bottom. This is contagious so please stay away. We have also had hair visitors we know this is stressful so perhaps each week check heads. The chemist will advise. Finally, the thread worms. It is reported that 40% of children have them! Again the chemist will give you all a tasty banana flavoured potion and hey presto!

We will continue to update you weekly via email. We love you all xx us